Why Musical Muscles?

Musical Muscles is a response to music teachers who teach older primary school children. Many teachers struggle to teach their music curriculum because the foundation in music was not established in the much younger years.

There are six elements to Music all as equally important. I will target all six elements of music using many weird and wonderful techniques. 

I believe that many kids have the potential to become great musicians but never get the chance because they had no musical guidance.

Here is a simple explanation of the six elements of music:


(including tempo and metre): the organisation of sound and silence using beat, rhythm and tempo (time)


The relative highness or lowness of sound. Pitch occurs horizontally (as in a melody) and vertically (as in harmony)

Dynamics and Expression

The relative volume (loudness) and intensity of sound and the way that sound is articulated and interpreted

Form and Structure

The plan or design of a piece of music described by identifying what is the same and what is different and the ordering of ideas in the piece


The particular tone, colour or quality that distinguishes a sound or combinations of sounds


The layers of sound in a musical work and the relationship between them

How the program works

Musical Muscles will come to your site to provide hands-on music workshops.

The program consists of ten workshops taught in the first or second semester of the year (this means fortnightly visits). This program was carefully developed to cover the Foundation to Year 2 music curriculum whilst maintaining a strong engagement with the children through a “hands on” music experiences.

The class size is up to your own discretion. You may wish to consider class sizes of up to 20 children so I can provide each student with an instrument so the individual can get the most out of each workshop.

This service is currently available to Childcare, Kindergarten, Children Centres and Reception and in Adelaide and rural South Adelaide.